My name is Suus, I'm 28 years old and I'm a young Dutch filmmaker- and video editor.
I mostly focus on video editing, creating the optimal cuts in order to give a video or film more depth by communicating the experience of the senses as strongly as possible. 
Room to breathe, and let it exist how it may be.

I'm convinced that editing is not only following technical (and mostly unwritten) rules but that there should also be room for intuitive editing. By embracing this working method, I want to transcend the limits of film by not only translating direct emotions and the associations we have with film but translating actual energies into moving images. long shots, to give each situation and moment the attention and room that it deserves.

My projects are mostly about the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers every individual contains.
  I visualize emotions or behavior rather in an autonomous, abstract way with a surrealistic touch. Doing this,  I want to raise awareness about human unconsciousness and the behavior it can create, partly caused by our private and social environment.

It might raise confirmations, doubts, or maybe even recognition. I ask the viewer to reach deep inside their souls and hopefully find some glimpses of who they really are and what really makes them happy.


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