Internship editing-reel 2021
I edited a big variety of videos during my internship at VideoAgency, Rotterdam. This reel contains a few projects I worked on: an internship recruitment video for VA, a short promo video for a BMX group for their socials, YouTube promo videos for the National Ambassador MBO contest, and how-to videos for training and educating Albert Heijn employees.   This internship gave me lots of insights into my own likings, preferences, struggles, and ambition.
Social short: BMX
As an editing intern, you sometimes get assignments to make 'extra' videos.  That was the case with the following outcome as well: as a big thanks to the BMX-group that participated in the recordings of the Rotterdam announcement video for the Eurovision Song Festival 2020, I was asked by the producers from VideoAgency and KoalaKoncepts to create a short, fresh clip for their socials. 
Music video: Hold onto the Stars
This music video contains raw film material from the short 'Sterre' by Lara Sluyter, and the song "Hold on to me" by Valerie Broussard. With this video, I had the intentions to get more experience with editing on music, and at the same time also telling a clear story without people talking.
Short film: Be really there
Mischa Claveaux, a student from Media & Communication from the HvA, produced this short film for her graduation project, raising awareness on the dangers of excessive phone usage. She wrote the script, and directed on set. I was asked to do the editing. It was quite a challenge, as it was all filmed with only one camera. This project went very well in communication. I managed to make a first edit that only needed a few changes while sitting with Mischa.
Moodfilm: Berlin
This video is the result of a project I did for myself, with myself, when I was in Berlin for a week with the AV classes from my first AV study. Besides the small assignments we got, I decided to fully claim the opportunity to do some experimenting with video editing. I aimed for making a moodfilm, not per se a journal log or anything. Just focused on having fun while experimenting, and back then, it turned out to be one of my favourite works so far!
For this videoclip of Imagine Dragons' song Believer, I downloaded raw footage from the Adobe website. The footage was released, because of the celebration of Adobe Premiere's 25th anniversary, and was turned into an event with a contest who makes the best music video out of t. I took this opportunity as a chance to keep practicing with editing. I made this clip in only 2 days, and I didn't watch the official clip beforehand, to make sure I'm not influenced by any yet existing choices. Not knowing how much visual effects were applied in the official clip, I focussed on telling a story through editing only.
Short montage: The chase
For this chasing scene, I downloaded raw footage from the Framelines TV website. They offer the possibility for editors to download material from several scenes to encourage practice editing. I edited, color graded and chose the music for this short video.
Infomercial: CTRL.ONE
The short infomercial down below contains my final exam work, during my study at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. It was up to the students to individually work with a written briefing and the given visual and audio material, to create a short video about the CTRL.ONE shades, dedicated to sportsmen-and women. One of the restrictions was to use a split-screen view, multiple times, as the video would be (fictionally) played in a bicycle store on 4 different screens in a 16:9 ratio formation. 
Live registration: Whole Lotta Rosie
During my second internship when studying at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, we went to Belgium with the whole crew from Ik Wil Ook Een Videoclip. We were asked to do a live registration from the performances of some tribute bands, that were about to play that night. In post-production, it was my task to edit this video, and thereby apply color grading as well. Thanks to Sebastiaan Spijker for letting me join for this awesome project!